Nukumori-no-Yado Okesho

Our entire staff would like to enthusiastically welcome you to the Nukumorino Yado Okesho (Ryokan).

Magnificent Views! Beautiful view of Onsen town with Otani river and Yanagi street from our Ryokan
Cosy Ryokan to enjoy Onsen and your relaxing time
Our lobby area
Very convenient location
  • Along the Yanagi street of Otani river
  • Best Ryokan to enjoy Open-air baths
  • Great accessibility to sightseeing spots in Kinosaki.


All rooms of our Ryokan are well-lighted two-room suites. Also, our Ryokan's two reservable baths have large windows so you can enjoy beautiful views of snow piled up in our courtyard.

The Otani river side Japanese room

Our Ryokan has four Otani river side rooms. Every room is a two-room suite with the separate bathtub and shower. You may see Jizo-Onsen from these rooms. It is best choice to enjoy lantern view of Otani river.

The courtyard Japanese style room

Our Ryokan has two courtyard side rooms. It is the best choice for enjoying your quiet time. Every room is a two-room suite with the separate bathtub and shower.

Reservable baths

Kinosaki Onsen is overflowing with the ambience of over 1300 years of history. Visiting seven public bath houses along Yanagi street and Otani river is famous activity during staying in kinosaki. However, our two private baths inside of Okesho Ryokan have same temperature of Onsen with these seven public baths. Our guests can enjoy cosy private Onsen together with your family.

About Kinosaki

Otani river and Yanagi street view represents Shirosaki. The Taiko bridges that cross the Otani River and its stone lanterns are best location for photo shooting.

Okesho Ryokan is located in front of Jizo-Onsen and the best Ryokan to reach every sightseeing place in Kinosaki.

Seven Open-air baths

You can say that Kinosaki is the place of origin of open-air baths.
People in Kinosaki welcomed all visitors with warm hospitality from the distant past.
Such spirit of hospitality is still there in whole Kinosaki town.
Feel free to visit and enjoy each open-air bath after arriving your Ryokan with wearing Japanese Yukata and wooden sandales.



Kinosaki is blessed to be surrounded by mountains and the sea with an abundance of nature.
We perfect our culinary skills to create seasonal dishes made with fresh ingredients from the mountains and the sea to bring you a savory meal to delight in.

Cattle from Kinosaki are known as “Tajima Gen”.
This meat is characterized by its fat, which melts at a lower temperature than average Wagyu beef.
This fat is a bit smoother and healthier which makes the meat taste “lighter”, in turn making it easier to eat.

The winter specialty is Matsuba crab.
Matsuba crab is a large crab which is fished between November and March, meaning its only available to be eaten during the winter season.
Matsuba crab is famous for being very sweet and soft. Come and get a taste of winter in Kinosaki Onsen!
Matsuba crab is available from November 6th to end of March


Maizuru Expressway, Bantan Renraku Road Fukuchiyama IC or Wadayama IC R9 R312 Toyooka Kinosaki.


Ryugu Castle

Izushi Castle Ruins

Hasakari Rock


Dobantsutsuji at Ankokuji

Gendubo Caves


Tottori Sand Dunes

Takeda Castle Ruins

These all places are located within 20km from Okesho Ryokan.


246, Kinosaki-cho Yushima, Toyooka, Hyogo 669-6101